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Apart from standard sizes and applications, Turboden designs and manufactures customized units for special applications or sizes (such as heat recovery and geothermal up to 15 MW).

Some Examples of Special Units

  • Geothermal plants: 3 geothermal ORC plants were designed, produced, installed and started-up in Bavaria in 2013. These units, 5+ MW each, are air-cooled and prepared to supply heat to the existing district heating network. In 2012 Turboden started up the first supercritical ORC plant in Europe, a 500 kW prototype with hybrid direct cooling, and tested its flexibility with highly variable heat input.
  • Low temperature heat recovery units: Turboden supplied an ORC unit in Belgium to recover heat from pressurized water boiler in waste incinerator. Thanks to Turboden ORC it has been possible to maximize the potential of the incinerator.
  • Heat recovery plants an innovative project was installed in Russia to recover heat from the associated gas coming from Oil Extraction through controlled combustion (instead of flaring); a heat recovery ORC unit was coupled with five MTU engines, 2 MWe each. Other examples are the heat recovery units employed in cement production processes: a 4 MW ORC in Romania, that recovers waste heat from the kiln and clinker cooler exhaust gas; a 2 MW unit in Morocco, a 5 MW module in Slovakia. One of the latest Turboden innovative projects is a new 3 MW ORC unit, that uses part of the saturated steam produced by recovering heat of the exhaust gasses from the EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), in Germany.

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