Heat Recovery Units

Our products for Waste Heat Recovery Applications

Turboden ORC technology is particularly suitable for producing electric energy by recovering heat from industrial processes and combined cycle systems. Turboden turbogenerators electric power output generally ranges between 200 kW and 15 MW electric.

Heat Recovery Standard Models

Turboden offers different standard models for Heat Recovery, with the following typical performances in terms of net active electric production:

  • TURBODEN 6 to 7 HR: 480-760 kW
  • TURBODEN 10 to 14 HR: 850-1550 kW
  • TURBODEN 18 to 24 HR: around 1650-2400 kW
  • TURBODEN 27 to 40 HR: around 2500-4000 kW
  • TURBODEN 50 to 100 HR: around 4500-9800 kW

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